Prophetic Word from Damian Conference 2018

Testimony by Michal Kucewicz (Rochester, MN)

We came to the School of Healing and Empowerment very excited and with  high expectations after what we saw four years ago at the Charism School.  The blind started seeing, the deaf hearing, the lame walking, tumors and diseases were disappearing—all in the name of Jesus in front of our very eyes.  God’s people were delivered from their infirmities and evil spirits, and we were all filled with serene peace and love of the Holy Spirit.  That experience of a personal Pentecost was so transforming for me and my wife that coming back home we thought about leaving our jobs behind and following Jesus.  We met with Damian the next year (2015) in Chicago, where he asked me share our testimony during the event.  He also proposed us to join his community, Cor et Lumen Christi, which was far beyond our imagination and definitely beyond our spiritual maturity at the time.  We kept in touch via email but eventually our communication with Damian was lost.

What the Lord has done for us at the recent School literally exceeded our dreams.  On the night before the event began, my wife Karolina had a dream that she was sitting at a table with Damian and me discussing something.  We quickly dismissed this dream as being in any way prophetic after discovering that Damian did not remember us from Chicago.  On the last day of the school having witnessed more miracles, signs and wonders during the healing service on the night before, the Lord Himself called us through prophecy given by Maria, a team member,, in front of over 500 people in the auditorium.  I stepped out of the far-end corner, where we occupied the floor with my wife, our three-year old son and our nine-month-old daughter, to be prayed over by the entire body of Christ.  Maria, who has never met me before nor even came close to possibly noticing my name tag, started the prophecy with saying my first name mispronounced (‘mee-khael’, which should be “mee-how’ in Polish).  Then she asked if ‘Thomas’ meant anything to me.  ‘Tomaz’ (pronounced almost the same as’ Thomas’) happens to be my middle name, which I rarely use, and the first name of our son.  My heart was opened for God who knew me by name and was speaking to my heart.

Maria’s words of knowledge about our children, life, ministry and dreams were so  accurate that every next sentence was opening my heart for more love.  This was a very gentle, personal Love that only God can give.  Only the Father, who formed me and knows even more about me than myself, can give words that caused a flashback from my childhood when the prophecy mentioned ‘St. Thomas Aquinas’, whom my dad was telling me about when I was a few years old.  Only the Son can give words of affirmation about ‘a leader like Peter, showing others the way to the Lord’ to a young person leading a small charismatic prayer group in Rochester with little previous experience.  Only the Spirit could reveal the inmost desires of my heart ‘to live a more radical life for Jesus’, which we discussed with my wife and members of our prayer group even on the evening before the prophecy.  Only He can inspire a successful scientist and an academic ‘teacher’ to ‘full-time ministry’ and ‘making disciples’.  Finally, only a true prophecy can give a glimpse into God’s plans for our future to be fulfilled and the coming season of ‘deep prayer’ and laying foundations for the rest of our lives.’

And that was not the end…As Maria was finishing and I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit, my wife Karolina gently approached me to wipe the tears from my face.  This is when Damian recognized us as the couple he had met in Chicago.  At that moment he recalled all our previous conversation and admitted that he lost contact with us and as urged in prayer before the event to find us!  Damian repeated his invitation to join the Cor et Lumen Christi community and concluded this special moment in time.