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As the Catholic Charismatic Renewal approaches its Jubilee year in 2017, the National Service Committee has designated this year as the Year of Unity. Deacon Dennis Chlebeck, the archdiocesan liaison to the charismatic renewal, spoke at our annual meeting in January. Here is an excerpt of his comments:

“God really wants the Renewal to rise up and this is going on worldwide. It makes no difference what ministry one is involved in, whether it’s pro-life, Rediscover, the choir, or the parish prayer group—God is using all of these for His glory and for the edification of the Church, and we need to be open to His plan. This is the meaning behind the theme of unity, that no ministry is elite and we all have the same purpose and need to work in “harmony” with one another.

We Are in a Missionary Field

We need to be humble servants and do whatever God wants us to do. We need to have a missionary spirit, reaching out to everyone in the parish, especially to our young people. There are families at faith formation, but not at church on Sunday. It’s no secret that we are in a post-Christian era in the United States. The Renewal is looking to bring people back to Jesus. I hope that you would not grow weary in your efforts to promote the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” and that you would fly with eagle’s wings.

Ignite the charisms

Do I know what my charism is? How does God want to use me? We need to be open to whatever He wants us to do? We are the foot soldiers for the Church, called to help bring the parishes to a new level. How do we use our charisms in parish life, in meeting the people in the pew, how do we touch them? We touch them by relationship. We have to be open to reaching out to them and inviting them into our lives.

This is our apostolate. A couple of years ago, Deacon Mike Thoennes, who is currently a board member for CCRO, gave a prophetic presentation in which he encouraged us to bring baptism in the Holy Spirit into the Church in a new way. We should have the goal that every parish ought to experience that kind of renewal. That all our confirmands ought to experience this renewal of their baptism. God will use us however we’re willing to let Him use us, but we must be open to let Him do it.

The Charismatic Renewal is a sleeping giant and we’re coming up on 50 years of Catholic Charismatics in the United States. In terms of spiritual movements, that’s not very long when you think about the Franciscans or the Jesuits, Pray for this archdiocese, pray for the priests, deacons and clergy. Be open to our young people and bring them closer to Jesus. They have charisms and they need to be ignited; they are the future of the Church.

Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel states, we are not identified enough by our charisms. Don’t be afraid to be who we are, Charismatics. Be open to what God is doing as we move toward the 2017 jubilee.”