Let Us Come Together Rejoicing! By Sister Bernadette Beamsley

Sr. Bernadette of the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

   Let us come together October to celebrate in Thanksgiving all that the Lord has done!  I think of the ten lepers that were healed and only one returned to thank Jesus.  Do you know what Jesus said?  “Where are the other nine?  I seems that no one has come back to give praise to God, except tis foreigner.”  (Lk 17:11-19)  What about you, will you return to gave thanks?

   The impact the Charismatic Renewal has had on the Catholic Church in just 50 years is astounding.  Pope Benedict XVI said the Renewal is the fulfillment of the prayer said prior to Vatican Council II, “Lord renew your signs and wonders in our day, as for a new Pentecost!”  At the National Conference in July it was said that the Charismatic Renewal has brought Joy and Freedom.  One speaker said we are the Moses generation that has set the captives free.  The future generation that has set the captives free.  The future generations will be like Joshua who led the people into the Promised Land to conquer the idolatrous nations surrounding them. 

   This “current of grace” initiated by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit has laid a firm foundation that is bearing mature fruit in service to the Church.  There are so many prayer groups, covenant communities, religious communities, ministries and missionary outreaches that have been born from this Grace.  Pope Paul VI said, “The Church exists to evangelize.”  In the 70’s evangelization was considered something Protestants did.  Now it is called the New Evangelization! Praise God for the Ecumenism and ecumenical dialogue that is bringing us together as one

body in Christ!  We have much to be THANKFUL for.

   And yet, there is MORE! We have only just begun. The speakers at the National Conference said, “We are on the threshold of something NEW.” Let us gather in eager anticipation seeking God for the MORE that is to come. Damian Stayne said the next season will be characterized by HUMILITY, UNITY, FAITH and MIRACLES. It is true, the current generation needs to see a people who shine like fire tried Gold.  When it is “no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me” we will see massive conversion and the Splendor of the God manifest in our midst!

   Come ready to surrender to the NEW things God wants to do in you! God has a marvelous plan for the Charismatic renewal in your region, for your prayer group, your church, family, and city and for you! He desires to use you to build the Kingdom of God in your area of influence. You will receive the greatest joy and will bear the most fruit when you surrender in faith to HIM! 

   In conclusion, let us gather in THANKSGIVING for all we have received. Let us seek the Lord for the ‘MORE’ He has for us. And open our hearts ANEW with a resounding YES and AMEN!

         Sister Bernadette