God is a Relational God

By Anita Johnson (written after the Zoom seminar given by Fr. Eduardo

God is a relational God.  God is love and we must know that God loves us personally.  Adam and Eve had an intimate relationship with God.  God knew them— He truly knew them.  He walked with them, He talked with them and He desires this relationship with us.  How do we get there?  God takes the initiative.  God chooses us.  We are His special possession.  We must respond with humility and we must surrender our wills.  “Let it be done to me according to Your Will”, not mine.  Ask the Blessed Mother for this Grace.  Jesus says, “Leave yourself in My Hands I will use you as seems best to Me.”  I will take you when I need you  You are mine.  All I ask is that you love Me and console Me.”

   On Day 2,  Fr. Eduardo talked about Elijah, St. Josefa Menendez, and St. Faustina.  Each of these saints struggled with depression and desolation.  After defeating Baal and his prophets, Elijah had to flee for his life.  He went into the wilderness and wished he would die because “it was too much”.  God sent an angel to encourage him.  Elijah continued on and after complaining to the Lord, he was able to surrender to God’s will and heard God’s Voice in the quiet whisper.  The Lord appeared to St. Josefa and asked her, “Will you at least do My Will?” St. Josefa as filled with such fear and apprehension.  She couldn’t give her “yes.”  The Blessed Mother appeared to St. Josefa and asked her not to reject Her Son.  The Lord spoke to St. Josefa and asked her, “What is to fear in My Hands?  Never doubt the Goodness of My Heart.”  St. Faustina, too, was filled with many doubts.  The Lord invited her to rest on His Chest.  All three of these saints suffered but when they surrendered to God’s Will, He gave them the strength they needed to continue.  God does not spare any of His followers suffering but He invites us to rest our heads on His bosom.  We will find no help, no comfort anywhere else.  The other thing they had tin common was that they never gave up.  We, too, we are called to pick up our cross daily and follow the Lord.

   On Day 3, the theme was to die to ourselves and remain faithful in the hard times of life.  Father used the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead to remind us that we must believe in what Jesus says is possible.  Jesus asks us, “Do you believe in My Promises?  Do you believe that I AM the God of Miracles?”  God still hears our prayers.  Even when we are brought to despair like in Martha’s case, He is still in control.  Keep on believing!  He’s a Good, Good Father!

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