greenhawThe CCRO Summer Conference is a presentation of the Unbound model, a Catholic approach to setting people free from the bondages of sin, unforgiveness, and woundedness, to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Developed by Neal Lozano, Unbound treats the whole person—psychological, emotional or spiritual—allowing that person to live the abundant life that Jesus desires for them, explains Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw, who will present the model in a weekend charismatic conference, Friday evening and all day Saturday, August 7 – 8, at Trinity School in Eagan, MN.

According to the Unbound website ( Unbound is a model that uses Five Keys to help people experience freedom from the influence and power of deception and lies and receive the Father’s great love for them. Each of the Five Keys—repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, authority, and the Father’s blessing—incorporate practical direction about how to respond to God’s grace that is always working in us to set us free. Knowing the Father through the Son is our place of deepest freedom; it is where broken humanity is healed.

The time is right to teach Unbound, particularly in the context of the New Evangelization, says Lloyd.

“As we travel around, more and more people are coming to the awareness that there is more for them. There is no point in leading lives of mediocrity and partial freedom when they can be totally free and live the abundant life that Jesus Christ came for, not only to be evangelized, but to evangelize other people. Priests are also seeing a huge need for this as a way to help people get free and stay free.”

The Greenhaws have been in Catholic evangelization ministry for 24 years, ministering through parish missions, conferences and retreats, working in prison ministry and with the homeless. As Country Coordinators for Renewal Ministries, they have taught the Unbound model to priests, religious and lay people in Africa, Turkey, Haiti, Samoa and Papua New Guinea, and work closely with Church authorities to teach catechesis, apologetics and the New Evangelization. Early in their ministry as they travelled around, they started encountering problems in people that were rooted in different things. Some of these problems stemmed from cultural issues, witchcraft, ancestral worship and animism, but also from tribal violence, hatred, poverty and sickness.

The Greenhaws started seeking ways to help them and found that some ministries were effective, but not fully. When Renewal Ministries sent them Neal Lozano’s book, Unbound, it was an eye-opener.

“We thought, ‘Wow,’ this is what we do, but (Unbound) is more succinct and we can replicate it,” recalls Lloyd. He met with Neal and invited him to Rwanda where the genocide had occurred in 1994. For three years they went to Rwanda and trained priests, religious, lay people, doctors and psychologists from all over the country in the Unbound model. “They never really had a way to deal with the byproducts of the genocide,” says Lloyd. “We saw remarkable things happening.”

The Greenhaws also invited Neal Lozano to Uganda and Sudan and started teaching Unbound regularly as part of their ministry of setting people free.

Says Nancy, “In Africa, we do not have to convince people that there is an evil one who wants to destroy them, but in Western cultures people are not as open to this idea. They don’t consider that it might be evil influences that are causing their problems.”

That is slowly changing, however. More and more clergy are starting to see this model as a solution to problems they are encountering in their ministry. The Greenhaws have been teaching the model to priests in Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. More and more priests are seeing the need for a Catholic approach to deliverance.

“There is a hunger for this and a need because they have a real heart for their people, but they’re stymied—‘How can I help them? What is a model that is Catholic in its whole structure that I can be comfortable with that can help the people?’” says Lloyd. “This model has become our ‘go-to’ model. This is what we teach as part of the new evangelization.”


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