What does the Church say?

The Catholic charismatic renewal began in 1967* and spread around the world to official estimate of 120,000,000 Catholics, that is 10% of 1.2 billion Catholics but “perhaps 20-25% of the practicing Catholic population in the world,” (Great Reformer, p. 291).

As Vatican II opened, St. John XXIII prayed for a “new Pentecost.”  Not long after, there was a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Duquesne University students at The Ark and the Dove Retreat Center*.  This current of grace has touched 120 million Catholics worldwide, leading them…as well as you and me…to a personal Pentecost that has empowered mission.

“To interpret the Renewal as a ‘movement’ among other movements is to misunderstand its nature; it is a movement of the Spirit offered to the entire Church and destined to rejuvenate every part of the Church’s life.” (Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens, 1996, one of four moderators at Vatican Council II)

The Renewal has received the blessings of the Popes, and has refreshed souls by the Holy Spirit and by bringing people to Jesus.

Here is a link to  a document related to the charisms that came out of Rome.

Quotes related to the Holy Spirit from Pope Francis

Let us be guided by the Holy Spirit, allow him to speak to our hearts and he will tell us this:  that God is love, he’s always waiting for us, he is a father who loves us like a real dad and only the Holy Spirit can tell our hearts this.

It is the hear that needs to be converted to God, and the Holy Spirit transforms it if we open ourselves to Him.

The Holy Spirit is God active in us and awakens our memory of how Christ redeemed us of our misery and sin.