Winter Teaching Conference

If you missed the Winter Teaching Conference, click here to order the talks.  Please print and mail in form with your check or scan it and email it to the office.

Mailing address: 4714 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421


Thank you to all of our presenters!

Here are some:

  • Lekenka Beja  shared her testimony of overcoming difficult life struggles when she was in Cameroon and how her love and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament taught her about hope amidst the struggle.
  • Mary Nawrocki taught on the Gift of Tongues
  • Michal Kucewicz taught on the “Voice of the Prophetic” in preparation for the School of Prophecy that will be led by Damian Stayne.  It will be an amazing weekend in Rochester.  Contact Michal for more information.  Here is the link with more info and how to register.

Also, Damian will lead a Miracle Service at 6:30 on April 28.  Pray for healing on this Divine Mercy Sunday.  Jesus is Alive!