Join us for a very special Archdiocesan celebration of Pentecost!

May 30 at Time TBD 

Basilica of St.Mary in Minneapolis 

We welcome back Archbishop Bernard Hebda.   

Praise & Worship led by a team from SPO  (St. Paul Outreach).

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED.  Email the office: or call 763-571-5314.

This was the message from Archbishop Hebda last year: 

    The purpose of this Mass is two-fold.  First, simply to invite those dedicated to the Holy Spirit to come together in prayer and ask for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our Archdiocese.  Second, in June Archbishop Hebda will be announcing that the Archdiocese is going to begin a two-year process leading up to an Archdiocesan Synod*.  He wants this process, which will help set priorities for the Archdiocese into the future, to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  This Mass becomes a chance to begin the Synod process in prayer together that the Holy Spirit might guide the Archdiocesan Synod and use it as a tool for the renewal of our local Church.  

*Much more information about the Synod will be coming out in June. 

What is new this year is that there will be a prayer meeting after the Mass.  At this very special and anointed time, we will invite the Holy Spirit with Praise & Worship, Tongues, and Words of Prophecy.  We need your participation.  Enjoy the night and please MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  The planning team is hoping for 1,000 people.    

Click here to visit the information on the Archdiocesan website.

Let us pray together the Pentecost Novena.  It begins on May 22 and continues to the May 30.