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The Charism School & Miracle Healing Service

Portions of the following article were taken from Goodnews, the magazine of the CCR in the U.K., reprinted with permission. 

Damian StaynejpgConcerned at what he had seen as a diminishing use of the charisms within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the West, Damian Stayne, the founder of Cor et Lumen Christi, a small Roman Catholic lay community, launched a program on how to grow in the charisms, which has proved very popular and effective with different groups around the world. In an interview with Goodnews magazine, Damian stated, “I think people have felt that to make the Baptism in the Spirit accessible we have needed to tone down the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but what I’m saying is that we need to tone them up. I don’t believe that anyone is put off by the gifts when they are used in a mature way, such as the ministry of Sr. Briege McKenna. I believe the charisms are dying because of a lack of training and people’s lack of expectation that God can use them, and them not having any ministry outlet for this.”

In 2001, Damian wrote the Charism School to train and encourage people to have faith that God can, indeed, use them powerfully in the charisms, including healing. The Charism School has been welcomed all around the world and many thousands of Catholics have attended. The first part of the Charism School covers the theology of the charisms, what the Church teaches about them, drawing on Vatican documents, papal teachings and comments by various Catholic theologians and Church leaders. Following that is a section on learning to minister in the Holy Spirit.

Damian explains, “This is simply learning to recognize the signs of the Holy Spirit working in people or situations and learning how to respond. We would then model how this works and do some prophetic ministry. People are encouraged to actually practice using the charisms we have been talking about. We have workshops on how to have a word of knowledge and a revelational prophecy. Then people will share with those in their small groups.” He says 70%-100% of the people will receive something meaningful to them at this time.

They also do sessions on praying for physical healing, teaching people how to receive words of knowledge on physical healing and the exact mechanics of it. People are encouraged to be open to any words of knowledge that the Lord may have for them, and then pray in small groups. About 25% of the people that attend the Charism School receive a physical healing of some sort, says Damian. These have included blindness, deafness, or lumps that disappear.

From its inception, those attending the Charism courses have been overwhelmed by the dramatic way that God has acted through the school. Participants have regularly testified to many miracles of physical and inner healing, the work of Words of Prophecy and Knowledge impacting people’s lives, encouraging and empowering them. Many exercise the Gifts of the Spirit for the first time. Damian says, “After each event, we have follow up sessions with the leaders so they can put into place a strategy to move forward with what they have been taught and experienced.”

Damian says his main calling or charism is teaching and exhortation, and to encourage people to use the charisms. It is also to help restore to the Church the signs and wonders model of evangelization, which he feels has tended to get sidelined. “This method of preaching the Word and then expecting God to back up what you say with signs and wonders was the method Jesus used and it is still valid today. Every time we go out to preach or train, God ‘adds His testimony,’ Heb 2, and people are physically healed.”

The Charism School takes place at O’Shaughnessy Education Center on the University of St. Thomas campus in St. Paul, Friday, October 17 – Sunday, October 19. Register here.

Saturday night will include an anointed Miracle Healing Service, beginning at 7PM, to be held at St. John the Baptist Church, 835 2nd Avenue NW in New Brighton. This event is open to the public and is FREE.


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