What is Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the outpouring of the Spirit, a deeper experience of God.

Often referred to as a “personal Pentecost,” this personal experience of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit brings alive the graces of our Baptism in new ways. The Holy Spirit not only sets on fire all that we have already received, but comes again in power to equip us with his gifts for service and mission. It is not a sacrament or a substitute for the sacraments.

When filled with the Holy Spirit, many notice a real change in their faith lives. They have a true love for Jesus, a strong desire to learn more about Him and do His will by serving others. In other words, they want to share Jesus with everyone. Other common effects include a desire for deeper prayer, an enlivening of Scripture and a greater appreciation of the Mass and the sacraments.

“Baptism in the Spirit is not a human intervention, it is a divine intervention. It is a renewal of baptism and of the whole of Christian life, of all the sacraments. For me, it was a renewal of my religious profession, of my confirmation, and of my priestly ordination. The whole spiritual organism is revived as when wind blows on a flame. It is the grace of a new Pentecost!” (Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the Papal Household, September 2003)

The soul of Renewal—Baptism in the Spirit—is a grace of Pentecostal refreshment offered to all Christians.” (Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens, 1996)