Winter Teaching Conference


The 2018 Winter Teaching Conference will be at Epiphany Catholic Church on February 24 (during Lent).

2017 Talks.  Some individual Cds available for purchase.  Contact the office at 763-571-5314.

Workshops/presenters included:

Fr. Michael Becker, “The Seven Effects of Original Sin”

Fr. Jon Vanderploeg & Theresa Ecker, “How God Works in the Ordinary & Extraordinary”

Fr. Byron Hagan, “Tunnel Vision to Eternal Vision”

Mary Hagar, “Praying for Spiritual Freedom”

Jessica Balzarini, “Joy of the Gospel”

Rick Dzurik, “Father, I Come to Do Your Will”

Pete Fastner, “Prophetic Gifts of Prophecy, Wisdom, & Knowledge”

Sister Mary Anne Schaenzer & Pete Fastner, “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”

If you have any questions, call the office at 763-571-5314.