Winter Teaching Conference

Thank you for attending the annual Winter Teaching Conference on February 24

Boundless Enthusiasm for the Gospel

Holy Spirit, the Key to Evangelization

*Practical tools to share your faith at home, in the workplace, and in your neighborhood.*


*Announcing some of the Workshops and Speakers:

Holy Boldness ~ Joe Masek   *  Radical Hospitality  ~ Jessica Balzarini    *   Growing Your Charisms ~ Fr. Michael Becker

The Parish: The Ordinary Home of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit ~ Fr. Joe Williams

Listening to our Holy Father’s words, as God is speaking through him, the Baptism of the Spirit is for all Christians.  This has to find a home in the pairthen realistically this has to find a home in the parish for that to be realistic.  Come and hear his Upper Room Theory!

 Kerygma: Name It, Claim It, Proclaim It!  ~ Deb McManimon and Denise Hirl,  St. Paul Street  Evangelization

“The Good News is what we share when we evangelize. Rediscover what it means, recommit your life to it, and learn practical, joyful ways to share it.”

Becoming an Infectious Christian ~ Mary Hagar and Deacon Michael Thoennes

It Was I Who Chose You ~ Fr. Mark Stang  

 Fr. Stang’s ordination to the priesthood was moved up to August of 1990, due to the fact that he was dying of cancer. Two days after his ordination, doctors at the May Clinic confirmed that the malignant tumors had left his body.

His testimony has been seen on EWTN, “The 700 Club, and read in the Catholic Digest, The Fatima Family Messenger and numerous other publications. Fr. Stang is currently serving as a Chaplain at the St. Cloud Hospital.

 Life in the Spirit/Baptism in the Spirit ~ Sister Mary Anne Schaenzer and Peter Fastner  and More

Evangelization in the Workplace  ~ Peter Yurek 

Mary, the Gift of Courage ~ Barb Ernster

Wishing you a safe trip to the conference this weekend.

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